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Javascript Useful String Methods

Important string methods in javascript.

Useful String Methods

When building applications we have to deal with alot of string related problems. Javascript has many built-in functions that make working with Strings easy.

Below are some of the most used string methods.


This method performs a case-sensitive string search to determine whether the search string is found in the given string.

It returns a Boolean based on the result.

const text = "Searching for me?";
text.includes("ching") // true


This method takes out a section of string and returns it as a new string without modifying the original string.

const text = "Searching for me?";
text.slice(4) // 'ching for me?'
text.slice(10) // 'for me?'


This method returns the index of the first occurence of the search string in the given string and returns -1 if it is not found.

const text = "Searching for me?";
text.indexOf("for") // 10
const text1 = "Are you looking,for me?";
const findIndex = text1.indexOf(",") + 1;
text1.slice(findIndex) // 'for me?'


This method removes whitespace from both ends of the string and returns a new string without modifying original.

const text = " Searching for me? ";
text.trim() // 'Searching for me?'


This method is used to convert a string into an array based on a delimiter or a separator.

const text = "Are you looking for me?";
text.split(" "); // [ 'Are', 'you', 'looking', 'for', 'me?' ]